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There's a logic and satisfaction to fixing things you could never get from songwriting." Hardly a sentiment one might anticipate from a singer-songwriter whose new solo album, Didn't He Ramble, might just be his most personal, and loveliest, yet; but Hansard is nothing if not a plain speaker. "Songs are these weird, ethereal things – like birds that land in the garden you try to coax into the room.

It's all very abstract compared with nuts and bolts.

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Confident he knew what Hansard was going through, he called him.

"He just wanted to know if I was OK, which was incredibly kind of him. He continues to live the only life he has ever known – the touring life – but increasingly craves the comfort of his home in Kildare, to watch the seasons arrive, and to tinker with his car.

Cillian Murphy had signed on to appear alongside a 19-year-old newcomer, Czech musician Marketa Irglova; Hansard would write the songs. "Cillian doesn't like me saying this, but he had reservations about some of my songs. But, then, the character was pretty dark." With Murphy gone, the funding disappeared, and the project seemed doomed.

Until, that is, Carney implored his friend to step in.

That was his job, he said: to help me make a living." Busking introduced him to a new crowd: artists, singers, "people who read books".

One day he went to a Seamus Heaney reading and ended up following new friends back to the poet's house.

When he left school to busk at 13, all Glen Hansard wanted was to make a living.

By the time he was 30, his musical talent had brought him wealth and fame, depression and tragedy.

Here, the Irish musician reveals how a rock'n'roll friendship got him back on an even keel - and what he did when family members came looking for cash...

Surveying the oil and grime that sits beneath his fingernails, Glen Hansard beams with an almost paternal pride as he tells me he has spent the past few days at home in Ireland, tinkering with his car.

At 20, he landed his first record deal and, shortly after, was cast in the film adaptation of Roddy Doyle's The Commitments, about a raucous cabaret R&B act.

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