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The common themes in these enquiries has been the search for information about giftedness in adults, support for the exploration of individual giftedness and a peer group of like-minded gifted people.

It became evident that the most effective way to assist the many, many gifted adults who contact us, was to provide a forum where information based on sound theory and research could be discussed in a safe and comfortable environment.

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When working with groups of gifted adults, I have made several observations that are consistent across groups and I expect that these characteristics will also be present in an on-line forum: We anticipate that, with time, regional support organisations could be formed as the numbers of participants increase significantly so that the isolation and loneliness of gifted adults can be addressed and hopefully alleviated.

The Gifted Adult Forum will operate on an annual basis with four 10 week forums per year.

We have all been throguh alot.have helepd eachother throguh rough times.

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I was able to use this site before and I enjoyed it very much.

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