Geektools clock not updating

This post is going to show new users how you can get this app up and running and some basic commands to get you on your feet, once you get the hang of how the app works you can spend hours playing and adjusting the settings to get something truly awesome.

The best way to start any tutorial is at the beginning.

geektools clock not updating-90

Commands which show your CPU usage (which I will post later) you can set to one or two seconds.

If you use commands that pings an internet page or pulls a lot of information you can use the Timeout option to stop it taking too long or using up too many resources.

It is a lot quicker to write a command within Terminal than in the command box.

We now have a small calendar sitting on our Desktop behind our icons. At the bottom of the preference pane for the Geeklet you will notice some options to style the text and background.

When you click on the button to style the text a window will pop up giving you the options to style the text.

If you want to change the text colour, click on the little green button at the top of this popup window.Remember the more complex the command and the more you refresh it the greater number of system resources you will take up.Since the command box is a little small, I recommend you develop your Geeklet command within Terminal.However as you become more experienced with the app and Terminal commands you can put practically anything in the box.Therefore select the text box labelled command and type “cal”.The only command that will work are ones that are not self updating, so Terminal commands such as top, which shows information similar to Activity Monitor will not run.

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