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Under my wiper blade I notice a piece of paper with phone number. Ginger is lonely and Meli is staying all night at JP she has apartment to herself. I get inside apartment let me set the scene for you candles burning. After bending over I discovered I liked a big booty and a fat jiggly booty had waves.

I guess alcohol courage asked me to come over because Ginger had needs. Ginger must have 44dd breast because the NBA is missing two basket balls. Next that booty had to be all of 48 inches with nice dimples with a thong in middle. After Ginger sucked my dick and showed her new tongue ring skills.

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Ginger wanted a blanket while we focused on wrestling. After what seemed like hours we all were having a great time. It appears Ginger was sprung and had other thoughts. The party was on as they were celebrating Ginger getting a tongue ring. I smiled and was to the point why are you asking Ginger?

Ginger had gloom on her face as bid them all good night. Seems she is coming out of her large shell the nerdy shy side. One slow song and here is Ginger grinding her booty on my dick . Her response was because she was at work in the ladies bathroom rubbing her pussy. I was taking home the dime piece in the club that night.I guess that image opened up the horny side of Ginger. To cut down on confusion I brought Kendall with me we had dated off and on.Our next occasional we all got together was on Monday nights for ECW. Her and Meli got along great Kendall really did not know Ginger. I would hear Ginger hitting her tongue ring against her teeth.Shooting jello shooters and mixed drinks at the apartment we were having fun. Images in my head of the blow job she gave me Saturday night.If you're looking for quick, kinky sex, please use another room!

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