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The drinks, of course, being from Tony's own selection, were superb, and everything was going nicely.

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Maybe Bruce had slightly stronger bouts of road rage if he got frustrated, but that went around in the normal population also, so it wasn't out of the ordinary…"I hear you've been together for some time now," Jane started from the back, leaning forward a little, perhaps feeling like someone needed to keep the discussion going."This is our first official date, though," Bruce mused, glancing at the rear-view mirror and giving her a small smile."With another couple?

Instead he slid into the passenger side front seat and gave Bruce a look as the man sat down and started the engine after Thor and Jane settled in the back."How's the traffic look?

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Sure, that had happened a lot during the evening, but far less than you could assume from a couple on a date.

Tony sat back and refrained from further commentary, knowing when to stop pushing for the next witty thing to say, in an attempt to scandalize another person.

Bruce gave him a look and shook his head a little, as if fearing Tony might want to lecture Thor on how J.

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