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It’s really weird how things like that come together to help get the bike going when things go wrong.” December 1 — “Now in Mount Isa!

After leaving Darwin, the first camp was at Edith Falls for 3 nights, and it rained– the instant, random moonson kind of rain that happens during the Wet Season in the north.

The previous night was at Edith Falls, just a bit north of Katherine, and before that the “roadhouse run” where the day’s riding was just to the next RH (…I’ve discovered in the kind of weather across WA, I /really/ needed a shower at the end of the day…)” November 11 — “Postie Drama #2 of the Trip!


It got intensely Curry Marinated and was ated (it was carp..

The overnight temperatures are buggering me up a bit too, to the point that I’m gladly paying to stay at a roadhouse with a shower than the usual bush-camping..

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