"Guys and girls are different, and sometimes expressions of affection mean different things to different people.

this means he likes me; he cares for me, oh, how sweet.'" ...


) and 100 kms from Camooweal — MY FIRST FLAT TIRE on the road in 5 years or so of riding motorbikes.

With the tensioner acquired, we returned to the 2nd guy’s shop, and I fixed up that.” (Since the Postie is small and slow, I can move onto the shoulders easily, and get a lot of buffer space; except for the huge livestock transports, the wind doesn’t affect me too much.)” October 30 — “Karratha now!

The previous night was at Edith Falls, just a bit north of Katherine, and before that the “roadhouse run” where the day’s riding was just to the next RH (…I’ve discovered in the kind of weather across WA, I /really/ needed a shower at the end of the day…)” November 11 — “Postie Drama #2 of the Trip!

Was riding into Darwin along Tiger Brenner Drive to buy new riding and camping gear, doing about 70km/h or so, when the chain tensioner (and hold-the-rear-axle-and-wheel in place) part broke.

Now heading towards Broken Hill to meet up with Jack Absalom again!

” August 30 — “First photo: The sunset at Pamamaroo Lake Second photo: Teaching Postie how to fish at Pamamaroo– we caught a 40cm Carp!

Great advice for youth comes from the popular youth speaker, John Bytheway, in his book What I Wish I'd Known in High School, pp.

My seminary teacher tried to explain that to a bunch of us sixteen-year-olds one day.

It seems that I would’ve just missed Sol Shift at Geraldton.

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