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According to Charles Collé's memoirs had requested this portrait of his mistress seated on a swing.He asked first Gabriel François Doyen to make this painting of him and his mistress.

A lukewarm response to these series of ambitious works induced Fragonard to abandon Rococo and to experiment with Neoclassicism.

He married Marie-Anne Gérard, herself a painter of miniatures, (1745–1823) on 17 June 1769 and had a daughter, Rosalie Fragonard (1769–1788), who became one of his favourite models.

Boucher recognized the youth's rare gifts but, disinclined to waste his time with one so inexperienced, sent him to Chardin's atelier.

Fragonard studied for six months under the great luminist, then returned more fully equipped to Boucher, whose style he soon acquired so completely that the master entrusted him with the execution of replicas of his paintings.

In 1765 his Coresus et Callirhoe secured his admission to the Academy.

It was made the subject of a pompous (though not wholly serious) eulogy by Diderot, and was bought by the king, who had it reproduced at the Gobelins factory.On 17 September 1756, he took up his abode at the French Academy in Rome, then presided over by Charles-Joseph Natoire.While at Rome, Fragonard contracted a friendship with a fellow painter, Hubert Robert.Not comfortable with this frivolous work, Doyen refused and passed on the commission to Fragonard.On December 5, 2013, in Bonhams New Bond Street, London, Salerooms the Fragonard portrait of François-Henri duc d'Harcourt sold for £17,106,500 Sterling - US ,058,081 - setting a world record price for the artist at auction.The previous record was £5,300,000 for a painting sold in London in 1999.

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