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She previously lambasted NICE for denying sufferers access to the drug that is available in France, Germany, Australia and Canada.

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Ms Loughlin, who has also undergone chemotherapy to rid her of her disease, has said she is 'so grateful' for the precious time she has been given back to spend with her sons and her partner Keith.

She said: 'Knowing what it feels like to say goodbye, the thought of having to go through that again is absolutely unbearable.'I can dare to dream that I'll be here for a really long time. The world's my oyster now.' On her blog, called Storm in a Tit Cup, she wrote: 'Kadcyla is the drug that is keeping me alive.

But in September she was left devastated when tests revealed she had inflammatory breast cancer, a rare form of the disease with a typical prognosis of two to five years.

And a year later, in September 2016, she was dealt a further blow when she was told she had four years to live.

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Baby Ally Louise Smith was born 12 weeks early via c-section but passed away just eight days later after developing an infection But doctors said she had mastitis - a common condition for new mothers where breast tissue becomes painful and inflamed.

She thought nothing more of it, and was overjoyed to learn she had fallen pregnant with her third child months later.

A mother diagnosed with terminal cancer has been given a Christmas miracle after being told she is now free of the disease after taking a revolutionary cancer drug.

Heidi Loughlin, 35, said the world is her oyster after Kadcyla - considered the biggest breakthrough for sufferers in the last decade - helped her defy her death sentence.

Campaigners reacted in anger when rationing watchdog NICE made the decision to block the medication in England two years ago.

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