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Ijust find nothing funny about a family of pathetic, self-absorbed lowlifes "trying to find their way". Multi-generational sluts, teen pregnancies, adultery, drug and alcohol use, drug sales, (at least they threw in AA), absent and deadbeat dads..... About half way through we voted to delete the scheduled recordings.

Being a fan of Big Bang I expected better from this, being another Chuck Lorre creation, but where most of the BBT cast are likable and the humor is well rounded, this one just misses the target completely. It was offensive to me as my husband was a firefighter and could or would never steal a fire truck. Firefighters are not party animals and drunks as this episode depicted. They rush into fires to save lives and when you need one you will very happy they are on the job. Well-known and well-like actors, good reviews, etc. I'm trying to think back to see if I actually laughed during the show. We did keep pointing out the various actors and what shows we knew them from.

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It's not just a comedy, it bears so much grief and pain as well as many great funny stories. Their mother-daughter relationship is hilarious and charming. Jokes are decent, and this is better than the Big Bang Theory.

It gives hope to anyone who have doubts about their life. It's also very relatable, at least for those of us who maybe didn't have picture perfect childhoods or families. Still, this is a typical Lorre show, and everything he's put together has been crap except Two and a Half Men with Charlie Sheen, and that was all Charlie.

The union of firefighters, 718, should be protesting this show. So sad that there is so much comic talent here going to waste.

You would never show police officers, doctors or lawyers in this light. Emmy winner Allison Janney plays mother to Anna Faris's character. Typical American sitcom, without the slightest trace of subtlety.

A 7 rating overall is far too low for this great show. Secondly, this is one of my favorite role of Anna Farris's.

Fourthly, (yes, fourthly), the writing really is fantastic. The attempts at drama are decent - I'll give the show that.

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It's a bit racy in spots but never gets crude (like 2-1/2 Men) or cheerfully dumb (Big Bang Theory and most other sitcoms), but even mixes in some pathos without affecting the basic humor. The cast, led by Anna Faris and Allison Janney, is uniformly excellent, with only French Stewart's chef being a bit too much of a caricature. She finds a good balance between the lovable, relatable lead and the goofball comic.

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