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In July, I wrote this investigative piece about, a decentralized app for sexworkers.

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I had software architects look over Pink's proposed design, and they said it would make the service run very slowly, and there may be some unthought-of holes in the design, but it does seem to be a way to run a hidden service on TOR with greater anonymity.

Anderson was insistent that Pink will be a full-service agency, with brick-and-mortar services in addition to its software platform.

I must admit that it was difficult to catch him out, and he does seem sincere.

The same system of checking IDs will be used to make sure the workers are of age.

Decentralisation is the banner that unites the blockchain community, and Pinkapp, to be clear, makes no attempt to be decentralised. It's an even worse than trusted third parties in the legacy economy, as you have no recourse if they don't hold up their end of the arrangement.

It is a traditional, centralised escort agency, with staff and contractors. Much like the Silk Road, Alphabay, or the Hansa Market, it is a centralised shop for people to buy and sell goods, hiding behind TOR. Couldn't it be shut down the same way those markets were? had all the features of a Web 3.0 marketplace: it was encrypted and decentralized, with no server to take down, and used peer-to-peer cryptocurrencies to settle transactions. Then, on the morning of Aug 29, I received an interesting email.Unfortunately, several things about the project seemed very fishy. Someone calling himself Brad Anderson (he would later tell me it is not his real name), had read my article and wanted me to cover his own start-up, I expect this will be a major obstacle to adoption; the difference between Pink and existing escort advertising sites is that you have to show your ID to use them. I found one reference to security guards being provided, and thought this was something of a red flag, because while people may think sexworkers use security guards, in reality that is rare.But Anderson later told me, "For launch we are not going to do the physical security aspect.No longer will Pink perform health checks or require monitored physical verification of providers.

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