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And then, when sexual health clinics start handing out condoms with a no-questions-asked policy, everything becomes so much easier.

Sex is suddenly high on the agenda for teenagers who would otherwise have been extremely cautious about it.

As the Family Education Trust revealed earlier this year, some of the girls used for sex by Asian gangs in the abuse scandals in Rochdale and Oxford had visited teenage sex-advice clinics.

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Yes, for more advanced teenagers who are going to have sex anyway, there is a chance the free contraception handed out by these programmes may reduce pregnancies.

But, for those children who are reluctant or shy about sex, these classes will only exert a pressure to have sex, where previously there was none.

This failed philosophy in curtailing teenage pregnancy began in the Seventies.

It coincided with the normalisation of sex outside marriage, combined with the pill and a general attitude that children should be told about the joys of sex, rather than just say no and wait.

Apart from grotesquely robbing children of their innocence, this approach to sex education even for older children flies in the face of sanity.

And if you start teaching children about sex at a younger and younger age, the inevitable consequence will be that they go out and try it at a younger and younger age.

Specifically, back in 2004, a report by the Family Education Trust — an independent think-tank which studies the effect of family breakdown — revealed that, in areas with the most teenage pregnancy projects, teenage pregnancies were rising.

Specifically, the report — entitled Sex Education Or Indoctrination?

But, for decades, the liberal establishment has thought the exact opposite.

Well, now an academic study has shown quite how misguided those progressive thoughts were.

All of a sudden, underage sex becomes a social norm.

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