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[Note that Susan taught me everything I know about translation, and I admire her immensely, professionally and personally.

This is not an unbiased review, or a review at all.] is a novel of tremendous energy that splinters off into sub-stories and sub-stories of sub-stories, and a gorgeous and terrifying meditation on history, politics, ontology, and time.

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We can do better, book people.) Minute changeschoosing to walk down a different street for instancehave profound effects on Erpenbecks characters.

Its a familiar thought experiment for the habitual worriers among us, those who suspect that everything can be lost as quickly and haphazardly as it was gained.

The first time, I had just brought my first son home from the NICU and his father was still unpacking his things in myourapartment.

While assembling the glass coffee table he had dragged along with him to the household, he (the father, not the baby) overtightened a screw.

May 2nd will mark the 14th-anniversary, and final, issue of Bookslut.

Join us in celebrating the glorious life of our beloved slut with cocktails and stimulating conversation on May 6th, 7 pm at Melville House.

For a few disoriented seconds I couldnt figure out what had happenedmaybe a bullet had ripped through the windowpane or the stompy upstairs neighbors were finally crashing through the ceilingbut I did learn the speed of my own protective reflex as I pressed the baby into my side and shut my eyes against the glass that bounced off my arm, my neck, my cheek.

Rounded bits of greenish glass covered the floor of the living room, crackling as they continued to burst into smaller pebbles for several more minutes.

Rachel Martins NPR interview with Erpenbeck tells us that its four lives, so lets call it four.

(Martin also, bafflingly, mentions twice that the book was translated from German into English without mentioning by whose efforts that occurred.

It won both the 2014 Hans Fallada Prize, and the final International Foreign Fiction Prize in 2015, before the IFFP merged with the Man Booker International Prize into the megaprize it is today.

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