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The Anganwadi worker hails from the village where she works and has her finger on the pulse of the health of the village, its people and children.

Apart for the healthcare knowledge that she possesses and gained over a period of time, the Anganwadi worker is so entrenched in the general affairs of the household that she is in a better position to understand the real malady behind the healthcare issues.

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Anganwadi workers are India’s primary tool against the menace of child malnourishment, infant mortality, and lack of child education, community health problems and in curbing preventable diseases.

They provide services to villagers, poor families and sick people across the country helping them access healthcare services, immunization, healthy food, hygiene, and provide healthy learning environment for infants, toddlers and children.

To combat this situation, the Government of India in 1975 initiated the Integrated Child Development Service (ICDS) scheme which operates at the state level to address the health issues of small children, all over the country.

It is one of the largest child care programmes in the world aiming at child health, hunger, mal nutrition and its related issues.

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Anganwadi workers need to have good communication skills.

They are usually adept in using the right language, metaphors and allusions for convincing people to act in a certain way.

Anganwadi workers are key informants of healthcare issues but given the nature of their work, they are also being called as social workers and many more activities are being added to their job profile, such as the kind of services they provide in Dindigul. The Anganwadis are engaged to provide the following formal services to the areas under their cover: Role and responsibilities of AWWs According to the The Ministry of Women and Child Development - The Government of India, the following are the basic roles and responsibilities listed for the anganwadi worker: How does the Anganwadi System Work?

The Anganwadi system in one village/ area is managed by a single Anganwadi worker, who is chosen from the community and has been trained for four months in areas such as health, nutrition and childcare.

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