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That keyword combination is likely referring to the Taiwan Support China Human Rights Lawyers Network (台湾声援中国人权律师网络), a shows a group chat conversation between a user registered to a mainland China phone number and accounts registered to international phone numbers.

If we found the article was censored we then reduced the text in the article down to the minimum number of words required to trigger censorship.

If this minimal set of words is in simplified Chinese, then we also test them in traditional Chinese, or vice versa.

The message simply does not appear on the receiver’s end.

We also found that more keywords are blocked on group chat, where messages can reach an audience of up to 500 users, than in one-to-one chat.

Weibo users were not able to forward or comment on a 709 case-related post written by the British Embassy in China as “the content violates either Weibo Community Management Regulations or relevant regulations and policy.”.

It thrives on the huge user base it has amassed in China, but the Chinese market presents unique challenges.that We Chat enables keyword filtering for users with accounts registered to mainland China phone numbers, and the censorship persists even if these users later link the account to an international number.Keyword censorship is not transparent, no notice is given to a user if their message contains a blocked keyword. In January 2017, an attorney of one of the detained rights lawyers issued transcriptions of a meeting with the detainee, detailing torture during police interrogations.Concerned citizens have Through a series of tests we found content related to the “709 Crackdown” blocked on both platforms.Our findings serves as a reminder to China-focused NGOs and individuals of the potential hindrances they may face when communicating on Chinese social media platforms.

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