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We Chat performs censorship on the server-side, which means that messages sent over the app pass through a remote server that contains rules for implementing censorship.If the message includes a keyword that has been targeted for blocking, the entire message will not be sent.Despite this caveat, monitoring the same websites on a daily basis offers us a sense of what events or themes are subject to more censorship than others over a certain time period.

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Our initial testing suggested that, among all the news sites in our sample, those that produce mainland China-focused, simplified Chinese-language daily news yielded the most censorship results on We Chat.

Therefore, we decided to direct our efforts at collecting news articles from those sites and submit them for testing on We Chat.

In January 2017, an attorney of one of the detained rights lawyers issued transcriptions of a meeting with the detainee, detailing torture during police interrogations.

Concerned citizens have Through a series of tests we found content related to the “709 Crackdown” blocked on both platforms.

This finding is the first documentation of image filtering on the app.

Similar to keyword filtering, censorship of images, is only enabled for accounts registered to mainland China phone numbers.

The majority (88.1%) of 709 Crackdown-related keyword combinations that we found include at least one keyword component referencing the name of an individual affected by the crackdown.

All of these keyword combinations are blocked only in group chat with the exception of one keyword combination “台湾 声援 中国人权 律师” (Taiwan Voice Support China Human Rights Lawyer) which is blocked in both group chat and one-to-one chat.

According to Sophie Richardson, China director at Human Rights Watch, the United States had been invited to sign the letter but declined.

that she was approached by Chinese public security forces and asked “not to contact relatives of other detained lawyers; not to leave the country; not to take interviews from foreign media; not to disseminate information relevant to the 709 case on We Chat or Weibo.” On February 1, 2017, the British Embassy in China on its official Weibo account (a popular Twitter-like service in China), calling for an investigation of “the account of torture in the case of Xie Yang and the allegations of torture in the cases of Li Heping (李和平) and Wang Quanzhang (王全璋),” as well as “the release of the lawyers and human rights defenders who remain in detention, including Jiang Tianyong.” Figure 1.

That keyword combination is likely referring to the Taiwan Support China Human Rights Lawyers Network (台湾声援中国人权律师网络), a shows a group chat conversation between a user registered to a mainland China phone number and accounts registered to international phone numbers.

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