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It is simply a way to manage the crisis after it occurs.)Weighing your options for processing credit card payments requires a basic understanding of how the system works.

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Some organizations choose an online payment vendor first and ask them for recommendations for a merchant account bank to make sure it's compatible with their online payment method.

That's how it works — but how do you start actually taking credit card payments?

However, you still need to process the charges later using one of the other methods, and there's a substantial risk inherent in carrying imprinting slips around, because you're essentially carrying a stack of credit cards.

In fact, some people may not be comfortable having their credit card walking around on a piece of paper and may be reluctant to make a purchase.

Of course, it's possible that organizations that follow PCI requirements could still suffer a data breach.

Generally, credit card and processing companies view data breaches as the fault of the organization.

Imprinters, those little plastic swipe machines that carbon copy the credit card, make quick imprints of the credit card information for you to process later.

The downside is that, if a card is declined, you won't find out until long after the payer is gone, and you might have to work to track them down.

You can generally get an imprinting machine for free, or for a small fee, from the bank where you opened your merchant account.

Imprinters are an easy and inexpensive way to collect information on-site.

Any method will require some vigilance, such as making sure payment hardware and software is secured, but some will be more security-intensive than others.

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