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Some nonprofits choose to pay for cyberinsurance, which typically covers notifying customers, constituents, and donors of a data breach; credit monitoring; PR resources; and some consulting services.

(Note that cyberinsurance will not protect you from data theft.

In short, imprinters make sense if you rarely take payments or are in some kind of temporary location.

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For instance, your processor might charge you $25 per month plus 2.2 percent of each transaction — a solid rate for an organization with a high volume of transactions — or a simple 2.8 percent on each transaction with no monthly fee, which might be more appealing if you'll have a low volume of transactions.

If you want to take online payments, make sure your merchant account allows them and has the capability to integrate payment processing with your website.

In order to process a payment, you'll obviously first need to collect the credit card information from the person making the payment and transfer it, either electronically or manually, to a service that can process it.

This step can range from writing down the card information and sending it to your bank to typing it into an online system or swiping the card through a specific kind of hardware.

However, you still need to process the charges later using one of the other methods, and there's a substantial risk inherent in carrying imprinting slips around, because you're essentially carrying a stack of credit cards.

In fact, some people may not be comfortable having their credit card walking around on a piece of paper and may be reluctant to make a purchase.

Some organizations choose an online payment vendor first and ask them for recommendations for a merchant account bank to make sure it's compatible with their online payment method.

That's how it works — but how do you start actually taking credit card payments?

If you've collected credit card information via an imprinter or through mailed-in donation-via-credit-card forms, one of the most straightforward ways to process the charges — though likely not the cheapest — is to ask your bank to do it.

In this scenario, all you have to do is set up a merchant account with the bank and then deliver the paper slips, most likely in person.

Any method will require some vigilance, such as making sure payment hardware and software is secured, but some will be more security-intensive than others.

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