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It was not uncommon for heterosexual-identified men to report viewing SEM containing male same-sex behavior (20.7%) and for gay-identified men to report viewing heterosexual behavior in SEM (55.0%).

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I used to think it was bad to watch porn for 4 hours. I feel jittery and socially awkward and anxious like you can't believe.

Since 6/7 months ago on at least 4 or 5 occasions I have been up ALL NIGHT, we're talking 12 hours here. Each time I abuse porn it gets a tiny shade more extreme.

Some windows are in childhood, when some associations become implicit memories (not conscious).

For example, if a spanking somehow triggered a physical erotic response, some groundwork is laid.

Cambridge researchers have verified that problematic porn users' brains habituate to images more quickly than controls and are more aroused by novel images.

So if you've escalated to fetish porn that surprises you, you're not alone, and it likely is not an indication of "who you are" sexually - other than an ordinary bored, overstimulated porn user.

This page has hundreds of examples (below) of guys who quit porn and saw their porn-induced fetishes evaporate.

There are also critical windows of development, during which associations wire up more "deeply" (and prove more stubborn to shift).

It's clear that he wasn't discovering his "true sexuality" through Internet porn use, rather Internet porn use during adolescence was shaping his sexual tastes - right through his very last session a few hours earlier.

Another man on a porn-recovery forum: I don't know if you check on a regular basis reddit, 'empty closet' etc...

If you are content with your sexual tastes, or feel that your sexual tastes are set, read no farther.

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