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As a general rule, she says, it's better to stick to your beliefs and disregard new information that contradicts them.

But this also means it's very difficult to change false beliefs.

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In the wake of President Trump's vulgar remarks about some immigrants — remarks that he has since denied — we're going to revisit a favorite episode from 2016 that explores the patterns and paradoxes of immigration in the U. Historian David Moss takes the long view — arguing that American democracy is much more resilient than we realize.

This week on Hidden Brain, we turn to history for insight about our current moment in American politics.

But in politics and many other fields, women still struggle to attain positions of power.

Researchers say they're often trapped in a "double bind" — a series of unconscious, interlocking stereotypes we have about men, women and the nature of leadership.

Plus, we look at how we gain influence, and what happens to us once we have it. His new book is If I Understood You, Would I Have This Look on My Face?

My Adventures in the Art and Science of Relating and Communicating.

Researchers say this form of tunnel vision can affect our ability to see the big picture and cope with problems in our lives.

Imagine seeing a cockroach skitter across your kitchen counter. This week, we take an unflinching look at the things that make us say "e Plus, why disgust isn't as instinctive as we might assume.

When you're hungry, it can be hard to think of anything other than food.

When you're desperately poor, you may constantly worry about making ends meet.

Cognitive science professor Lera Boroditsky says the languages we speak can do more than that—they can shape how we see the world in profound ways.

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