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Plus, we consider how we might begin to tell a different story about what it means to be a man. Economic theory has long told us the answer is "yes." But a half century ago, two psychologists — Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky — began to challenge this notion.

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There are some topics about which it seems no amount of data will change people's minds: things like climate change, or restrictions on gun ownership.

Neuroscientist Tali Sharot says that's actually for good reason.

Cognitive science professor Lera Boroditsky says the languages we speak can do more than that—they can shape how we see the world in profound ways.

Call it adulation, adoration, idolization: we humans are fascinated by glamour and power.

This week, we mark our 100th episode by talking with Daniel Kahneman about his collaboration with Tversky, and how their work transformed our thinking about judgment, memory, and the mind itself.

More women are running for political office than ever before in American history.When you're lonely, you might obsess about making friends.This week, we bring you a March 2017 episode about the psychological phenomenon of scarcity.Have you ever opened your computer with the intention of sending one email — only to spend an hour scrolling through social media? In this episode, we examine the strategies media companies use to hijack our attention so they can sell it to advertisers. In the process of getting back on your feet, you may realize that something's different.On this Radio Replay, we mark the new year with two of our favorite stories of loss and the change it brings." What has changed in our minds and in our culture so that allegations of sexual harassment and assault are being taken so much more seriously than they were in the past?

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