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In 1988, Ben Folds played bass guitar in a new pop-punk band called Majosha, with the group debuting their sound at Duke University's "Battle of the Bands." Playing mainly house parties, the band gained a strong local following and eventually put out an EP, (1989).Soon after the album's release, the group broke up."There's a feel to my studio that's just old 1950s country, I think we all had a romantic feel about what we were doing." A highlight is the biting George Bush-period lament Jesusland, which had its origins in Folds' numerous road trips. "Walking into a city centre somewhere that's decrepit with homeless people and trash everywhere, and you walk past the wig shops and dollar stores and cross the railway tracks and pretty soon you're in what I call the Mc Mansions. There's such a commercialisation - the branding of Jesus has really taken flight in the last 10 years, and it sells into politics.

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Record labels took great notice of the trio, and they soon signed with Sony Music Entertainment.

Ben Folds Five followed that success with 1997's Whatever and Ever Amen, which took the airwaves by storm with hits such as "Battle of Who Could Care Less" and "Brick." Differing from the heavily distorted alternative music sound popularized during this time, Ben Folds Five seemed to fit nicely into the "nerd-rock" music scene.

I make sure I get some space to actually think about things and live it, because I don't really remember much about the six years of touring with Ben Folds Five.

"We were having a really hard time before we split, the Reinhold Messner period was financially and career-wise a disaster." Folds plans to play a wide variety of material at next week's shows.

"We get along, but we were just worked too hard," he says.

"I haven't pushed myself to that kind of sick end since then.

"The band lived and died more by the radio than I do.

Making EPs and doing things low-key has been better for my career." So was the band's break-up, as he announced at the time, amicable?

There was also the critically acclaimed record he produced last year for William Shatner, .

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