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I have calculation options set to automatically update. Row : [A2 A3] [1] [2] A1 here would equal 3 When I change it using POI: [A2 A3] [2] [5] A1 still equals 3 until I click on that cell. // set A1=2 and perform write operation, check the value of A3 it is still showing 9. The point is that Excel caches previously calculated results and you need to trigger recalculation to updated them.Refreshing the workbook or sheet also does not work. Dennis focuses on practical examples that transition effortlessly to real-world scenarios.

You may need to try one or more of the solutions to fix your particular error. In a third cell, subtract one cell reference from the other.

In this example, cell D2 has the budgeted amount, and cell E2 has the actual amount. Type a positive value in one cell, and a negative value in another.

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When you apply a formula to a cell in Excel, it automatically updates the values when you click out of the cell after entering a value. Sometimes, the calculation is configured to “manual” and this is the primary cause of cells not updating in excel. Launch Excel and go to Tools and then head over to Options.

For example, if I have a cell in which I count the average of the numbers in other cells, the final answer (average) is automatically updated and written in the cell when I click out of it. You can, however, fix cells not updating or excel formulas not updating very easily using a lot of ways. From here, go to Calculation and then select “Automatic”. In version and above, you can just click on the big office button and then go to “Excel Options” and move over to the “Formulas”.

I recently discovered the following function, which I have not used before: =Work Sheet Name() I have need of pulling a worksheet name into cell D3, and then I have other cells with If/Then formulae in them that reference D3.

I am questioning why this function does not update the value in D3 if I change the name of the worksheet, UNLESS I go back into and modify it by deleting and re-typing the "=" sign. Why doesn't this just automatically update on its own, like every other function and formula I've used?

The course starts with a review of the more basic, building-block functions, and a few critical keyboard shortcuts that will speed up working with Excel data, even on multiple sheets.

Dennis then covers how to perform advanced searching and data retrieval with Lookup functions, tabulate and sort data with counting and statistical functions, format data with text and math functions, and work with financial data using advanced formulas.

Or, there's something wrong with the cells you are referencing." The error is very general, and it can be hard to find the exact cause of it.

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