Formula results not updating excel

There are mathematical and graphical methods of computation of winder stairs.

The most widespread of graphical methods are the method of proportions and the method of principal lines.

All of them give approximately equal results of laying out the treads in the flight.

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The problems of this kind are frequently discussed on the web sites of different forums.

By the way, it is still not clear for me, why in such cases it is additionally required that UNION and/or JOIN clauses should not be used.

For the first case we take value from col1, and for the second - from col2.

Here, certainly, there is both union and join but, in my opinion, the title's question means single scanning the table.

It should be noted however that UNION cannot be used for solving of such a problem as it eliminates the duplicates.

Constructions PIVOT and UNPIVOT were presented in the last releases of SQL standard and have been implemented in SQL Server beginning with 2005 release.

Let's create a test table and populate it with some data: I know of three methods of solution employing standard means of interactive SQL language.

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