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There are mathematical and graphical methods of computation of winder stairs.Mathematical methods are rather volume and complicated and therefore graphical methods are most often applied in practice.

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You can also read about the GPX format in the Exporting map items section.

When you import data from a Geo JSON file, placemarks (coordinates, description, label, number, color), lines (everything that can be set using the Constructor) and polygons (everything that can be changed using the Constructor) are added to the map.

Naturally to employ such a method, one should convert integer columns into character string ones for the sake of compatibility, when needed making the reverse transformation of the final result: Let me say a few words about efficiency of the presented solutions.

According to the query execution plan, the major costs are spent on reading of data (Table scan operation).

The result of the last query will be the following: One can overcome such a difficulty in solution of this problem by replacing the NULL value by a pseudo-value on the entrance of UNPIVOT operator, i.e.

by a value that could not be found in the initial data, and further on the reverse transformation should be made: In this case COALESCE(col1,777) replaces NULL values in the column col1 by 777, while the NULLIF(col,777) function makes a reverse transformation.

The first of them enables us to present in a row the values of the column, and the second one will enable us to make the reverse operation: The values in columns col1 and col2 are grouped into one column (col) of the supplementary table unpvt.

However there is a certain peculiar feature in the use of PIVOT and UNPIVOT clauses - they do not take into account NULL values.

It should be noted however that UNION cannot be used for solving of such a problem as it eliminates the duplicates.

Constructions PIVOT and UNPIVOT were presented in the last releases of SQL standard and have been implemented in SQL Server beginning with 2005 release.

The most widespread of graphical methods are the method of proportions and the method of principal lines.

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