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Or—does something much more serious come to mind: protecting your vulnerable daughter from any man who wants to win her heart, but doesn’t have her best interest in mind? (Dads Against Daughters Dating)—which may be used on a T-shirt, but does it carry any real weight?Instead of setting her up for relational insecurity and heartbreak, this simple, yet profound act that any father can do sets his daughter up to feel highly valued.enter into a healthy marriage one day.” Dads, we often get the Provider and Playmate roles down—but fall short on Protector.

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“Ask women in their teens and 20s who are in relationships with older men about guys their own age, and you’ll invariably hear laments about young men’s immaturity,” Schwyzer says.

“That callowness is often oversold by too many aging Lotharios wanting to emphasize the difference between their own supposed expertise and young men’s clumsiness.” Mmm-hmm. According to Schwyzer, many young women end up with older men who are “deeply unsafe.” For his part, Schwyzer urges older men to mentor younger men instead of taking advantage of the younger women those young men should be dating.

Get to know who her social circle and peers are—either in person or through causal family conversation around the dinner table.

When it comes to the young men she is talking with, ask questions and even invite him over for dinner to talk more.

The reality is a father’s protection of his daughter isn’t some cliché saying on a hat or t-shirt, but one of the most precious gifts we will ever be entrusted with.

We are all shorthanded when it comes to opportunities for quality time with our children.

It’s quite common to see older men and younger women dating in this country and all over the world.

You might even say Western men are better able to maintain their desire for younger women in a way that isn’t as pedophilic as others.

Christopher Ryan of Psychology Today argues – in direct response to Schwyzer – that there’s an “innate biological desire men hold for women in their most fertile years,” and that such a desire is perfectly natural.

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