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Here are some common issues with regards to family of origin and how they translate into problems in adulthood and adult relationships.

While this is not a diagnostic tool, these are simply common reactions to family of origin issues that may help unlock and help shed light on perpetual, seemingly never-ending arguments between partners.

Our family of origin shapes who we are, determines the thoughts that we have about ourselves and provides us with examples of how to behave as well as what to expect from other people in our lives. He grew up in a family where his mother seemed less involved in his life and seemed to prioritize her tasks and emotions over his.

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Family life seems less stable and the child can grow up with trust issues, believing that all relationships are shaky and cannot be fully trusted.

Thus, emotional vulnerability is difficult for the child as he reaches adulthood and enters into his own marriage.Reactions to similar family of origin problems may differ from person to person: This often results in the child believing constant yelling and bickering are normal forms of communication and may also use this style of communication regularly when trying to talk to his partner, which sets the stage for an relationship.In addition, growing up in a house where both parents are regularly upset with each other and yelling at each other creates a high level of anxiety in the child.Thus, when he needs to tell Purvi something important, he often resorts to yelling because that is what he learned growing up as being normal and effective.Because she did not grow up with these expectations, she becomes upset when he yells at her and reacts strongly when he won’t calm down.He is very likely to stick to what he knows from growing up with his mother and will react accordingly even if that is not Purvi’ s reason for her behavior.

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