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How would they dominate this new commercial medium, without destroying their hugely profitable radio divisions? Networks expanded their reach as key cities built broadcast facilities.

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Television provided continuous local coverage for over 27 hours.

The unfolding tragedy proved that live television news coverage could not only inform, but also unite a community.

Certainly by 1880, when a speculative article appeared in The Scientific American magazine, the concept of a working television system began to spread on an international scale.

At the dawn of the twentieth century, there were a few American laboratories leading the way: Bell, RCA, and GE. Farnsworth, beat everyone to the punch by producing the first electronic television picture.

It wasn't until the 1939 World's Fair in New York, where RCA unveiled their new NBC TV studios in Rockefeller Plaza, that network television was introduced.

A few months later, William Paley’s CBS began broadcasting from its new TV studios in Grand Central Station.Meet the Press began broadcasting out of the nation's capitol to become the longest-running news program ever.Perhaps the brightest star of the era was Milton Berle, “America’s favorite uncle.” Berle brought his vaudeville sensibilities to NBC’s Texaco Star Theatre and made it an unprecedented success.Senator Joseph Mc Carthy used his “Red scare” tactics to ferret out communism on every level.The networks were not immune to scrutiny – in fact, to keep in good graces with sponsors, they often enforced blacklists within their ranks.In 1951, NBC programming head Pat Weaver conceived Today as a news and entertainment wake-up show called Rise and Shine. But the events that loomed on the horizon in the 1950s made the show into one of the most important news programs ever produced by that network.

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