Expiry dating

14c as well) a copy of transport document is not to be taken into account when calculating presentation period. However , this is applicable when no period of presentation is stated in the credit.By indicating a period of presentation (21 days after shipment) the issuing bank expressely modified the presentation of standard period and has done it in accordance with art. On a copy of transport document, while the signatures, autentications, and the like are not required, it must however show the on board date, which is a determinable date in calculatind presentation period.The rules contained in UCP 600 will apply to that credit to the extent that the credit does not contain one or more terms and conditions that modify one or more of those rules.

For example, the insertion of "15" in field 48 (Presentation Period) of an MT700 would modify the rule stated in sub-article 14 (c) that presentation must be made by or on behalf of the beneficiary not later than 21 calendar days after the date of shipment.

There is no explanation of the modification, but the insertion of "15" clearly creates a modified rule in respect of the presentation period.

Other comments appreciated Ciao If the letter of credit states original bill of lading, but the presenter has presented copy of bill of lading.

then, we should take expiry date as the latest presentation date.

Since the shipment date cannot be determined, the latest date of presentation then becomes instead of . the documents must be presented not later than the expiry date for presentation as stated in the credit.

therefore the latest date of presentation is expiry date should be the latest date for presentation, taking into account the bl being a copy not original.

I used to follow expiry dates like gospel, figuring the sour cream would sweeten, the ice cream would melt, and the rice would crumble into dust the morning after after the the block-stamped date on the bottom of the package had passed.

If the expiry date was closing in, I’d just cut my losses and chuck it.

So my strong opinion on this issue is that the presentation period should be until .

I look forward to hearing any other opinion along with supporting expanations.

The on board date shown on the copy bill of lading is . It follows that the on board date shown on the copy BL could not be treated as the shipment date. Regards Dear All, I agree under UCP 600, Copies of transport documents are not considered as transport documents.

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