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Thus, the vast majority of the time the answers here will seem to assume a female or gender-neutral gender ID.If that's not you, please just mentally substitute your referent of choice and feel just as included too.

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During these events, gay singles line up to go on multiple “mini-dates” lasting less than 10 minutes each.

The point is to meet a lot of gay singles very quickly – rapidly expanding your social circle and hopefully your dating possibilities.

We do understand that many may not prefer being referred to as she or her, but rather the gender-neutral they, and/or (genderqueered) he, him, hir, ze, or hy, and/or anything else we left out.

We started writing this FAQ trying to include all those pronouns, but the grammatical and stylistic contortions required to sustain that quickly overwhelmed us and wore us right the eff out.

We do answer a lot of emails because we're generally nice and happy to be helpful.

However, please understand that since this site is 100% free, we don't get paid to answer anyone's email.Since online dating is become increasingly popular, the number of sites catering to alternative lifestyles has skyrocketed.Dating online allows you to find members in the community who share your interests without your having to hang out in clubs or bars.Sites like, and are straightforward online dating sites.They allow users to create personal ads, view the personal ads of others and communicate either through inhouse email or chat services.Most of these are located on either the west coast of the US or in the Northeast, but there are some diamonds in the rough – Ashville, NC, has a very large and healthy gay community.

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