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Sony claims that at 50 Mbit/s it offers visual quality that is comparable to Digital Betacam MPEG IMX is not supported in the XDCAM EX product line.

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The discs are reliable and robust, suitable for field work (something which has previously been a problem with many disc-based systems).

Additionally, the cost of media is comparable to existing professional formats.

The first camera to use this media was the Sony PMW-EX1 professional video camera.

In December 2009, Sony introduced the more affordable Sx S-1.

None of the later products have made earlier product lines obsolete.

Sony maintains that different formats within XDCAM family have been designed to meet different applications and budget constraints.This format supports multiple frame sizes, frame rates, scanning types and quality modes.Depending on product line or a particular model, not all modes of this format may be available.DVCAM uses standard DV encoding, which runs at 25 Mbit/s, and is compatible with most editing systems.Some camcorders that allow DVCAM recording can record progressive-scan video.This format employs MPEG-4 video encoding at 1.5 Mbit/s (CIF resolution) with 64 kbit/s (8 k Hz A-law, ISDN-quality) for each audio channel.

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