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VS 2008 provides new "Add-Item" templates that makes it easy to create new ASP. NET AJAX uses the "prototype" pattern within Java Script to enable you to define classes and interfaces. NET AJAX (and how you can use all of the runtime features I described above starting today with ASP. NET 2.0 applications (including ones that use the separate ASP. This provides a very compelling reason to start using VS 2008 - even if you are using it to only target . For example, I can create an encapsulated Java Script class using this pattern using one of the project item templates above (notice below how the namespace created by Visual Studio by default is the same as my project namespace): Obviously I then get full intellisense support when consuming my new library from any page or other Java Script file: Hopefully the above walkthrough provides a first look at some of the new Java Script intellisense features coming soon (there are more - but this is a start). NET 2.0), I'd also highly recommend checking out these two new books that have recently been published and which cover the official ASP.

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i see some menus changed but what is the actual difference The following link has the VS product Comparison chart: I'm a student looking to cut my costs, and I can do this by just purchasing Visual Basic.

Family ID=727bcfb0-b575-47ab-9fd8-4ee067bb3a37&Display Lang=en In short, Team Suite has tools that are in the Architectute, Database, and Test editions that the Development edition does not have....

NET, no 2002 or 2003 mentioned when I view what's there in Add/Remove Programs. Do I need the full, THOUSAND DOLLAR Visual Studio . Microsoft Expression Web 4 - Super Preview - Snapshot Preview - Intellisense - Modern CSS - Cross Browser ...

As an admin, I'm working to determing what systems I need to update with the update on MS08-017, particularly with respect to Visual Studio . I've got quite a few systems that appear to have Visual Studio . Dot Net Nuke is my first tentative step into the whole ". What do I really need to be able to make some modifications, or new modules for Dot Net Nuke? One of the drawbacks of webmatrix however is that it does not support code-be...

You can tell Visual Studio to provide intellisense for the "Util.js" library within the "My Library.js" file by adding a /// comment at the top of the external library. NET AJAX makes it easy to expose methods on the server that can be called and accessed via client-side Java Script.

Once you do this, you'll get full intellisense support for those methods and variables: This ends up being super useful when partitioning your Java Script routines across multiple files. NET AJAX client side Java Script libraries, you can either add a control on the host page: Once you do this you'll get full intellisense for all of the Java Script libraries and type-library patterns inside ASP. For example, assume we define a simple webmethod in a web-service like below: I could then have ASP.NET AJAX support, please read Bertrand Le Roy's post here.Obviously you get full intellisense support within external Java Script files, just like you do within script blocks inside and files.Visual Studio 2008 Visual Basic 2008 Hello, I am wondering if I can use Visual Studio 2008 pro to create a project in Visual Basic 2008 for PDAs...? Should it have an option to create a PDA's projects? You can also use the AJAX UI templating technique I described here to retrieve HTML UI from the server using these callbacks and then dynamically update the page with them. NET AJAX provides type-system support within Java Script for defining classes, interfaces, and other object oriented concepts.

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