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They are too shy for the workforce, or they struggle to make adult friends.They fight with their spouse and children in a negative way.

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Experts are learning that the way that a parent interacts with and guides a child throughout the first 2 decades of life actually makes huge impacts on their mental and emotional state later in life.

One important example of this are people who are genetically prone to psychopathy, but who have chosen productive successful lives due to the nurturing and guidance provided by their parents.

In DBT, we explore how individuals who are more emotionally sensitive sometimes grow up in invalidating families.

Rather than learning how to control or regulate emotions, some people in these environments learn in order to observe and describe our experiences rather than to get totally caught up in them.

But many parents do not pay attention to the other personality traits that their children may be picking up that they may not even be aware of.

Many of these personality traits are not only learned by our caregivers and friends as we grow, but they also hinder normal childhood development and growth.

Emotions are often there to give us important information.

When we can be willing to listen to that information, we can make more effective choices.

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