purpose of online dating websites - Emerge config files in etc need updating

* IMPORTANT: config file '/etc/portage/package.use' needs updating.

* See the CONFIGURATION FILES section of the emerge * man page to learn how to update config files. on my first attempt, the update refosed to run, claiming that "iconv" is required if I specify "truetype".

The way to update may vary significantly from release to release; it depends on how deep the modifications introduced in the new profile are.

emerge config files in etc need updating-13

When this happens, it means that Gentoo developers no longer plan on supporting it.

When a profile migration is apparent, then the upgrade has to be executed manually.

There are various reasons that a new profile may be created: the release of new versions of core packages (such as sys-apps/baselayout, sys-devel/gcc, or sys-libs/glibc) that are incompatible with previous versions, a change in the default USE flags or in the virtual mappings, or maybe a change in system-wide settings.

If a new Gentoo release does not include a new profile then just pretend that it never happened.

BTW, this install is on my "media PC" hooked up to my 50" plasma TV, not my regular working machine.

I went and deleted the new config, so I don't accidentally enable it it some day.The files in the parent directories are part of the profile as well (and are therefore shared by different subprofiles). Profiles obsoleted by new ones are kept in is put in the profile directory.The content of this file is the name of the profile that should be "upgraded to"; Portage uses this information to automatically warn administrators when they should update to a new profile.Gentoo users know however that this process is extremely frustrating for power users that want to live on the bleeding edge.Even power users from other distributions probably share the same feelings, given the popularity and spread of tools like apt or apt-rpm which make it possible to have quick and frequent updates.To upgrade such systems, a recent stage3 can be used to update the system.

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