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When Tony front-runner Ellen Barkin opened her home for a magazine profile in April, one detail the reporter managed to miss was the 20-something boyfriend residing in Barkin’s bedroom. the ‘public’ room of my West Village townhouse,” Barkin told the New York Times Magazine.

The 57-year-old supercougar has been living with Barry Levinson‘s son, 26-year-old writer-director Sam Levinson, in what sources tell Page Six is “the worst-kept secret in New York.” “I’ll show you more than the living room . Upstairs in Barkin’s boudoir the writer found “hundreds of DVDs,” as well as “scented candles near her bed” — but apparently no sign of Levinson.

He described getting her on board to star in the film in an interview with Speakeasy in February."She called me three hours later and said, 'I'm not Julia Roberts so it's not going to be an easy road, but I'm in it with you.

I love me some Ellen Barkin but her connection to the kid's dad before he was even born kinda skeeves me out. I'm not buying they met for the first time 4 years ago either. Barry Levinson directed Ellen Barkin in her breakout role, 'Diner,' nearly thirty years ago, but for the past couple of years she's had a drastically different connection with the famed filmmaker: she's dating his young son.

Well, according to Page Six that is, whose multiple sources say the 57-year-old Emmy winner and writer Sam Levinson, 26, are not only an item but have actually been living together for two years."They go out, they're photographed together, they don't keep it secret," said one source (indeed, we easily found the photo at right of them, shot in January).

'Sea of Love' star Ellen Barkin, who has two children, Jack, 26, and Romy, 23, with the Irish actor, has reportedly been "swept off her feet" by British barrister and Queen's counsel Ben Emmerson after meeting him at the human rights lawyer's wedding to George Clooney in Venice, Italy last September.

A source close to the couple told Us Weekly magazine: "Ellen met him at George and Amal's wedding and they totally hit it off.

WATCH: Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Divorce -- How the Couple Is Dealing With Their Big Split Watch the video below for a timeline of Heard and Depp's relationship and troubled one year of marriage.

Gabriel Byrne's ex-wife is dating Amal Clooney's colleague.John Goodman is very good as Pacino's partner and friend and yes I love the soundtrack and the title song.Amber Heard is hardly Johnny Depp's most epic romance.She is so happy and in love again." Rumors recently started swirling that the duo got engaged over the festive season, but a spokesperson for Ben told E! Emmerson is not engaged to Ellen Barkin." The 60-year-old actress, who was also previously married to American businessman Ronald O.Perelman for six years until 2006, was among a small number of celebrities invited to George and Amal's nuptials, where she was introduced to Ben, 51, and immediately fell for him.Ryder, who was 19 years old when they were engaged, called her relationship with Depp her "first real break-up" and her "first heartbreak" in a 2009 interview with magazine."And I think it was really ironic because, like, everybody else just thought I had everything in the world, you know, I had no reason to be depressed, everything was sort of at its peak, but inside I was completely lost," the actress said about dealing with their split at the height of her fame in the '90s."I remember feeling, 'I can't complain about anything, because I'm so lucky, I'm so lucky.' After that I realized I needed to take time off more," she continued. Depp began dating supermodel Kate Moss in 1994 before splitting four years later."There's nobody that’s ever really been able to take care of me. The exes have two children together, 16-year-old Chanel model Lily-Rose, and 14-year-old Jack."Relationships are very difficult. You might as well make the best of it." Amber Heard:, but didn't officially date until 2012, after he split from Paradis.

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