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She was just a kid when Billie Jean King beat Bobby Riggs in their legendary 1973 tennis match.

Now Elisabeth Shue, 53, plays Riggs’ wife in a film about that match, Battle of the Sexes, which opens September 22.

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"Anything that's going to make you healthy and stronger, I'm going to go with it," said Riggs.

Though he's seen taking bunches of pills at a time in the interview, it's likely that Riggs was exaggerating this as part of his act in the lead up to the Battle of the Sexes match. He was twice the United States singles champion, winning the US Open in 19. The match took place at the San Diego Country Estates, 38 miles northeast of San Diego.

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“I was so excited to be in a tennis movie,” the Oscar-nominated actress confesses.

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