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In fact, the Great Pyramid is admittedly much more ancient than the Egyptians of history, as Hotema relates: When the most ancient Egyptians first saw the mysterious Sphinx and the great Pyramid of Gizeh, only their tops projected above the wind-blown sand of the desert.

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It was not a serious suggestion as to the method actually used.

but simply his way of expressing the impossibility of creating that artifact using nineteenth century technology.

The base of the Pyramid is set out perfectly square - no mean feat of engineering in itself.” -Alan F.

Alford, “Gods of the New Millennium – The Shattering Truth of Human Origins” (41) Up until the last millennium the pyramids were covered completely with smooth polished limestone casing blocks.

”civilization, more than 4500 years ago, the ancient Egyptians had acquired what sounded like industrial-age drills packing a ton or more of punch and capable of slicking through hard stones like hot knives through butter?

”“In the first and second pyramids at Giza there are granite portcullises in the lower passages which still baffle experts today.

fine but strong cement, which had been applied evenly on semi-vertical faces across a surface expanse covering 21 acres on the Great pyramid alone! The second example is the internal passages of the Great Pyramid.

These passages have been measured countless times and found to be perfectly straight, with a deviation, in the case of the Descending Passage, of ng’s Chamber.

To put this into proper perspective, the highest cathedral nave in Europe would fit three times into its height, and its mass exceeds that of all the cathedrals, churches and chapels built in England since the beginning of Christianity!

The Great Pyramid is often cited as the largest building on Earth, with twice the volume and thirty times the mass of New Yperfectly level, with errors of less than an inch across its entire area, despite supporting such an enormous weight for thousands of years.

The Egyptians wrote how it reflected the sun like a mirror on all sides.

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