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Not only did they swap places during the 60s but in 1980 the number of NEVER married African Americans began a staggering climb from about 10% to more than 25% by 2010 while the percentage for White women remained under 10% and just over 10% for White men.

The first two charts below are charts included in the report only the headings have been altered by Black to outline these findings.

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Know he lives with a white girl that lets him do what he wants and the white is a stripper.

By the my friend has herpes and she has black men at her finger tips they chase her and her spend their money and she won’t her make you all put on a condom she would rather let you all perform oral sex on her and get raw because she thinks she is not contagious when she is not having an outbreak. Halle Berry was abused by black men over and over again.

In 2016 only 29% of African Americans were married compared to 48% of all Americans.

Half or 50% of African Americans have never been married compared to 33% of all Americans.

I am not beating black men or black women for dating or marrying out the race.

I would just like to find a solution to regain black love but we can’t and I think it is more reason because black men don’t try hard enough.

If a black man is damaged by a couple of black women they take off to the next race.

However , black women we get knocked down time after time by black men and many of us try over and over with a black man. Just look at some of the comments made by black men who date outside thier race. So no, I'm not gonna hate on black women who find love and acceptance from another race.

The third chart illustrates how closely the marriage graph for Black men aligns with the incarceration numbers which also experienced an abnormal climb beginning in 1980.

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