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Along with being exceptionally easy to use and having unbeatable video quality, it also offers the most features and has a high-quality, smart design.

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"I think live streaming is pretty complicated if you take all the pieces from acquisition to playback and analytics.

One of the things we wanted to do -- and I think we're still not there, but we've come a long way -- is to get it very simple for people to go live.

At the recent Streaming Media West conference in sunny Huntington Beach, California, You Tube partner product manager Varun Talwar walked attendees through the necessary steps for streaming live. We automatically record, or give you the option to record, as a video.

"We are streaming based on HTTP, so it allows us to do a few things -- things like adaptive bitrate in the player and the ability to go back in the stream," Talwar explained. And a You Tube Live event is just like another You Tube video, so you can share it, embed it, you can spread it as if it was a You Tube video."While creating a live video stream is more complex that uploading a recorded video, You Tube is working to reduce that complexity."The other thing which was a big focus, and I think still is a focus, is to make the product simple," Talwar said.

For webcams, 1080p is considered high definition, and this resolution should give you the clearest and most detailed images.

As resolution decreases to 720p or 480p, you’ll begin to lose details and notice more pixilation.

The Genius Wide Cam F100 offers 1080p video at 30 fps, equal to the C920.

However, it lacks some key features like digital zoom, face tracking and motion detection.

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