Dustin zito heather marter dating

Reality TV star who is best known for her appearance on the MTV series The Real World.She appeared on the show's Las Vegas season in 2011.

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They road tripped to New Jersey, and moved in together.

Though Heather was not on the season, their relationship remained a motivating factor for Dustin to do well.

They seemed to get along just fine, and they competed well together.

That is, until Dustin split his knee open and had to leave for medical reasons.

Bio: Dustin and Heather were immediately drawn to each other on Real World: Las Vegas, but their relationship was rocked when Heather learned about Dustin's history working for a gay porn website.

The couple weathered the obstacles, but when time came to leave Vegas, they decided that maintaining a long distance relationship would be unrealistic.

The subject also began to grab officer and pull officer to the ground as the struggle continued. Milzzao says that Zito was very intoxicated due to his poor balance, slurred speech and odor of alcohol on his breath.

When Milazzo inquired how much Zito had to drink, he reportedly responded with “plenty.” According to Milzzao’s report, Zito advised, “that the female victim should be thankful that he reached up her dress since he is a TV Star and several girls wish for that to happen.” (Report via Busted In Acadiana.com) That doesn’t sound good at all for Dustin!

There were some bumps in the road, that consisted of secrets being exposed and hooking up with other girls (and this includes the time Heather hooked up with Nany…oops! By the end of the season the two were on good terms, but distance was a concerning factor in the relationsip.

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