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"It may be cheaper to buy this seed abroad," he explained, "but the plants may then have adapted to suit conditions somewhere like New Zealand, for example, and not German regions such as Bavaria or Brandenburg." For this reason, many ecologists are speaking out in favour of also using seed from locally grown grassland plants.

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For many years now, foresters have not just used any random seed when planting new trees.

They have long known that not every European beech or Common oak tree is the same.

For this reason, German forestry has regulations that specify exactly which region the seed must come from, for a particular planting.

"To date, there have been no similar regulations for grassland plants," said Dr. Anyone wanting to create a wildflower meadow in their garden or plant a new grassland habitat as part of a nature conservation project will find a huge range of seed mixtures available for purchase.

To do so, the researchers sowed the seven species from the eight regions in Freising, Tübingen, Halle (Saale) and Münster, and observed how well they grew, and when they flowered. For example, on average, regional plants produced seven percent more biomass and ten percent more inflorescences than members of the same species that came from other regions of origin.

"In the case of many of the grassland species examined, it was indeed the case that plants that had the same regional origin grew better," reported Dr. Reactions to climate change Even the unusually warm temperatures in summer 2013, when the tests were carried out, had no effect on the test results.

These will definitely come from native plant species, but might theoretically have been produced anywhere in the world.

In 20 alone, Germany imported 13,000 tonnes of grass seed and 280 tonnes of herb seed.

If the regional plants are better adapted to suit such factors, then they can obviously also make use of their inherent relative strengths in warm years.

Yet it was not only the plant itself that profited from its adaptation to regional conditions.

In fact, every species has many variants which have adapted to suit the specific challenges of their environment.

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