Double your dating sales funnel

The car wash fundraiser book that I wrote was written to help people, not market our company.

These days, I have access to many helpful tools, and so do you.

Whether you are a first-time author or have recently transferred your backlist to digital formats, you can sell e Books offline.

It just fries me all these worthless amateurs telling us they are going to promote our business.

Not only do we not need anymore business, it is a slap in the face to think they can do it better than us, as we have been doing it and doing better than any of our competitors for a decade online.

If you are assisting folks who sell e Books in anyway you need to be sure that the people you associate with, do not associate with other people who are scam artists.

I hate scammers, they piss me off and sell crap on the Internet and trick people making it hard for real decent people on the Internet.

But Russell had even bigger ambitions for the product and that’s how Actionetics and Backpack came about.

THE PRODUCT LAUNCH FUNNEL So, I want to talk to you guys real quick about something called the product launch funnel.

Many are simply scum, they promote crap, put up garbage and hype all over the Internet so you cannot find anything when searching.

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