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So they can sell junk on their site and re-direct customers who are interested in my "Free Online e Book" for some expensive hype e Book on how to make a million dollars in your underwear stuffing envelopes 2-hours a day; 3-days per week while watching the new and improved "Buns of Steal Video" and you can have all this and more with free Ginzu Knives if you order now; operators are standing by? Additionally many of these websites are very salesy and they sell crap and dupe people.My information is to help people not screw them into buying some inflated worthless trinkets on the Internet. And anyone who is legitimate on the Internet selling quality and informational e Books ought to be upset as well.

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Retention: Beyond the Funnel Goal: Retention of existing customers; advocacy Tactic: Help, support, and onboarding Once you've got those customers, your goal is to keep 'em.

PRICING Click Funnels pricing starts at $97 per month.

If you don’t see a template that matches your current vision, I’ve found that it’s just as easy to start from scratch.

The mix is the key ingredient and frankly you get what you pay for.

The car wash fundraiser book that I wrote was written to help people, not market our company.

I think most of the industry of Internet promoting e Book whores are sick, sure some are legitimate, but they are far and few between.

But Russell had even bigger ambitions for the product and that’s how Actionetics and Backpack came about.

THE PRODUCT LAUNCH FUNNEL So, I want to talk to you guys real quick about something called the product launch funnel.

Not be an egomaniac, but my company is very highly ranked under my target market keywords and has been since 1996.

We know what we are doing and certainly do not need anyone's help doing it.

In this post, I’m not only going to address the cost of Click Funnels, but also why the Click Funnels pricing can allow you to save money simply by using and sticking with Click Funnels.

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