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Sceptics would argue a Pumas’ outlook is more one of hope over experience, as while these men have proved their willingness to walk up the aisle, they have failed to make marriages work and often come with a lot of baggage.Whatever the reason, Kate Slogget, founder of The Picnic Project, an elite dating agency which charges members upwards of £3,000 a year, agrees demand for men with relationship experience is higher than ever. One of the most serious boyfriends of my adult life was divorced, or divorcing (he’d been separated a year).

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He knew what it was to make decisions, and have them blow up in his face.

He learned how despite your best efforts, things sometimes fall apart in your hands and break your heart.

When you find out a guy has been married before, do you hit the brakes? I tell you what: You should be far more afraid of the dudes with zero baggage. They know two things: What it’s like to love and what it’s like to lose. I hadn’t dated anyone in that situation prior, and I found it refreshing to date a grown man with commitments and obligations.

I personally have never trusted someone who travels a little too light. When you date a much younger man (which I have many times), you realize what’s missing–they’re all hope, no miles.

Sabine, who met Steve, an advertising company boss, through an online dating site, is part of a new band of women who have earned the moniker PUMAs because they hunt down Previously Married and Attractive men.

Unlike Cougars, who have a taste for younger men — Demi Moore and Amanda Redman are among the most famous — Pumas plump for experience.Someone’s ex, or exes, their kids, all of it–is not just baggage they carry around–it’s called life. When he was fresh off his divorce he warned that he wasn’t about to get back in that situation again. Not only is this a near impossible find, but I’m not so sure you’d want him if you found him.I was like, Yet as it turns out, he was the one who eventually wanted that coupled, married life back–and I couldn’t blame him. ” I know that nothing’s wrong with me–but you can see by her knee-jerk reaction that she, and many like her, aren’t so sure. Date a man who’s fresh out of a sex-free 10-year marriage. Sabine has never been happier in a relationship and hopes she and Steve — who has a 21-year-old son from his first marriage and a two-year-old boy from his third — will one day marry and have children of their own.‘Steve’s friends call him “Lord of the Rings” because he’s been married so often and have warned him off rushing into another wedding,’ laughs Sabine.‘I wouldn’t want us to rush into anything either, but I made it clear early on that I want a husband and children.She says: ‘Being divorced no longer carries the stigma it did in previous years.

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