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Find Control("edit City Text Box") Dim new Address As String = new Address Text Box. Text Dim conn As Sql Connection Dim comm As Sql Command Dim connection String As String = _ Configuration Manager. Connection String conn = New Sql Connection(connection String) comm = New Sql Command("Update Employee Details", conn) comm.

Find Control("edit City Text Box"); string new Address = new Address Text Box.

When using Sql Data Source it is best not to do any Data Bind in code-behind. Please remember to click “Mark as Answer” on the post that helps you.

The most common problem with regard to receiving old data in updates is that there is a Data Bind in code-behind that overwrites the posted values.

Selected Index Changing Dim selected Row Index As Integer = grid. Cancel = True End If End Sub knows what to do when an editing action is approved to take place.

Selected Index Dim employee Id As Integer = _ grid. More specifically, when a row enters edit mode, it’s displayed using the default editing style of the column.

The built-in column types (such as bound columns, check box columns, and so on) have built-in editing templates, which you can customize by providing custom templates.

The built-in column types are sufficiently varied and configurable to provide for most of the functionality you’re likely to need, but in cases where further customization is required, you can make the desired changes using templates. Despite these alterations, the current functionality hasn’t changed: you can still execute your project and load the address book, and it will continue to work as before.

If you don’t like their default edit mode appearances, you can customize them using templates.

Before we write any code, let’s see what this edit mode looks like. The events that end in “ing” are fired just before their past-tense counterparts, and should be handled only if you want to implement some logic to determine whether the action in question should be performed.

We’ll focus on the events that relate to editing and updating data, as our next goal will be to allow users to edit employee details in the buttons.

These features are fairly amazing, because you can achieve this “edit mode” without writing any HTML at all: the columns know how to render their editable modes by themselves.

Sql Data Source will then use these values to make Parameters.) Typically, you will only need to declare Parameters to do things like setting default values. I do notice you have a few fields in the Details View that are not in the Update Command. You could handle the Item Updating event and put a breakpoint in the handler. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.

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