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Third part of the core Another Path trilogy and follows on directly from the DD murder case The Shinigami king knows where Light's path leads, and he'd rather not have Kira as competition for his throne. He takes the memories related to the Death Note and makes them into a show for the Kira investigators.

His substituents get to see how it ends in an entertaining manner.

A violently protective girlfriend essentially acts like a much younger Mama Bear, except her Berserk Button is harm to her mate rather than to the kids; note that this inverts the expectation that the boyfriend is violently protective of the girlfriend (which may still be the case).

When Light was brought into the world he worried, but it's been so long, surely the curse should have dissipated by now, right? L x Werewolf Light An unfortunate series of events striped fifteen year old Light Yagami of his bright future.

As an omega with no living familial alpha he was forced to make a choice.

Near is done trying to best L; he has bigger fish to fry, and Kira is the first target on his plate.

And now the fight is not for the title of L, but for the world.

The humans can change it so that he won't have to worry about Kira coming after him in his realm. (Not your average characters watch their series fic, but I don't think I can adequately summarize it so you'll just have to see for yourself.) 18 years old Montgomery Willis but goes by the alias Trevor Micheals a low self-esteem teenage boy moves to Tokyo, Japan to start a new life there because of his parents new careers as a chef and a doctor.

His life there takes a turn of events when he discovers that things here aren't normal with the news announcing that crimals are suddenly dieing of heart attacks and the crime rate being decrease by an ominous force name Kira.

Her first task on her return, requested through the pipeline by L, is to interrogate Beyond Birthday, who has not told any of the investigators anything about his crimes up to that point.

Beyond proves himself useful to the FBI to help solve the cases that they are stuck on, and so Naomi is sent back again and again, and gradually is drawn into Beyond's web.

So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

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