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The name of this red-hot subgenre is "paranormal romance." But you won't necessarily find it in the romance section of bookstores, either.

The "paranormal" aspects of this subgenre are familiar to any SF, fantasy, or horror reader.

The 1980s brought the SF/F genre's next significant contribution to paranormal romance: a spate of fantasy novels in which the supernatural shapeshifter became more lover than enemy. Among the most interesting and most prominent of these works are the supernatural gothic novels of Daphne Du Maurier, Anya Seton, and Mary Stewart; (1978), and its sequels, by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.

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Her popularity became so great that, from the 1970s, her novels "crossed over" from YA to be published as SF/F.

She has influenced generation after generation of SF, fantasy, horror, and romance writers and editors.

And the percentage of this fast-growing subgenre hasn't greatly expanded within the unchanged rackspace of the bookstore SF/F section.

That's because this subgenre is mostly marketed, shelved, and sold outside the SF/F category.

In the paranormal romance, one or more of the main characters are aliens, ghosts, vampires, angels, demons, djinni, superhero(in)es, witches, wizards, faeries, goblins, god/desses, werewolves, other shapeshifters, and/or other science-fictional, fantastic, or supernatural creatures.

Settings include our world, alternate histories, other dimensions, alien planets, Atlantis, Faerie, Mount Olympos, Heaven, Hell, the present, the past, and the future. If you shop in the bookstore's romance section, you know the category definition of "romance." If you don't buy or read category romance fiction, you're probably saying, "Okay, I don't read it, but I've read/seen romance.A common outsider's view of science fiction is that it's afraid of emotion, especially if the emotion is romantic and/or sexual.It's not hard to see where this cliche comes from when you read a hard-SF story in which the characters exist only to invent a gizmo or decipher a Big Dumb Object, or when you watch have a boy-meets-girl plot or subplot. Rider Haggard's lost-world fantasies are important influences on Burroughs in particular and SF in general, SF romance can be traced back to Haggard's classic fantasy novel, (1981).So, if paranormal romance isn't romance, and mostly isn't found on SF/F shelves, where in the bookstore you find paranormal romance?We'll return with the answer after a magical history tour.The next significant modern author of romantic SF began publishing in the mid-20th century.

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