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Symbol Rate 27500 Msym/s, Frequence Uplink 17.3-17.8 GHz H ou V, Fréquence Downlink 11.7-12.2 GHz H ou V Les journées 30 juin et 02 juillet 2017 les membres fondateurs de TQ5 ont organisé deux évènements à Montréal pour le lancement du projet.

Les communautés kabyles et amazighes du canada et des états unis d’Amérique ont été conviés à un souper pour la présentation du projet.

He was outraged that they were not interested in him, and instead “sexually attracted to obnoxious, brutish men.” I am uncertain what could be more brutish that killing women who won’t have sex with you, but, for Rodgers, that is beside the point. Blonde sorority college girls in particular, that makes them a particular target for misogynist extremism?

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I learned about it via twitter and read many well-researched, thoughtful pieces by writers I admire.

I was moved to join the conversation, and wrote a piece about it last Sunday. Every writer has her Achilles heel, and this is mine.

So here’s the piece I wrote, no longer fresh in the news cycle, but I’m still proud of it.

With a tragedy like this, there can’t be enough voices speaking publicly about it. In movies from the 60s and 70s, they are referred to as “coeds,” reflecting the history that most colleges were exclusively or predominantly male before they became “co-educational institutions.

Pour plus d’informations, la presse est priée de prendre attache avec le chargé de communication par courriel (Email).

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I tried to find an angle and perspective about it that was fresh—when joining a conversation, I don’t just want to rehash what has been said. Some writers are afraid to send anything out because they fear it’s not perfect enough. When I have a piece I’m really proud of, that I think is an important contribution to the public debate, I can’t is going to want to publish it, if only I can find the right media outlet.

I sent my work to a wonderful colleague, Shailja Patel, who said she liked the piece and hadn’t heard of anyone writing from that particular angle. I pitched it out to four different contacts I had at online media outlets. When, in fact, the right media outlet is sometimes me.

In some ways, as I’ve explored this challenge, I’ve likened it to compulsive gambling.

I know it’s time to quit, but I’m still sitting at the roulette table, pouring more resources into my dwindling chance at a big win.

And in order to keep myself “pure” for those media outlets, I can’t publish the work on my own blog, because it must be “unpublished” in order to retain its value. Yesterday, I learned that a powerful and well-written piece had run in with a similar angle.

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