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Communiqué : Lancement officiel de TQ5 Taqbaylit TV Paris le 22 Octobre 2017, TQ5 Media basé à Montréal au Canada et détentrice de TQ5 TV a annoncé aujourd’hui avoir finalisé tous les préparatifs pour commencer à émettre et diffuser ses programmes à partir de vendredi 12 Janvier 2018 à 10h heure de Kabylie.Il est à noter que les tests et le lancement du nouveau site web à partir de 1er décembre 2017 prochain, et sera capté via le satellite Yahsat qui orbite location 52.5o Est, fréquence Ku BSS/FSS : 25×33 Mhz.

I tried to find an angle and perspective about it that was fresh—when joining a conversation, I don’t just want to rehash what has been said. Some writers are afraid to send anything out because they fear it’s not perfect enough. When I have a piece I’m really proud of, that I think is an important contribution to the public debate, I can’t is going to want to publish it, if only I can find the right media outlet.

I sent my work to a wonderful colleague, Shailja Patel, who said she liked the piece and hadn’t heard of anyone writing from that particular angle. I pitched it out to four different contacts I had at online media outlets. When, in fact, the right media outlet is sometimes me.

He was outraged that they were not interested in him, and instead “sexually attracted to obnoxious, brutish men.” I am uncertain what could be more brutish that killing women who won’t have sex with you, but, for Rodgers, that is beside the point. Blonde sorority college girls in particular, that makes them a particular target for misogynist extremism?

As a college faculty member teaching creative writing at UC Berkeley, I have written about rape on campus and how young women in college have a particular set of vulnerabilities to sexual violence.

I posted it on my own blog and got a Word Press Fresh Pressed Pick.

I thought I learned the lesson then, that I need to offer my work to the bigger outlets, but when they pass (or time passes with no response), I need to put it up on my own blog.

Fourteen women died.” Citing various examples in the last 25 years, Pozner expresses outrage at the press as “still failing to report this as a gender-based hate crime.” “Let’s call the Isla Vista killings what they were,” Penny says, “misogynist extremism.” In particular, Pozner identifies “Cho Seung-Hui, the mentally unstable stalker of women at Virginia Tech, who ended up being responsible for the worst school shooting in U. history.” In this case, as at UCSB, the police were called, but in both cases they failed to take the threat seriously.

One difference with the UCSB shooter, Elliot Rodgers, is that we see in his social media rants that this was truly a premeditated murder of women because he felt frustrated with this lack of sexual access to attractive sorority girls.

As hip hop artist Coco Peila sings, “it’s so hard to let go/but it needs to be done.” The internalized sexism here is about the waiting to be discovered, rescued. Holding my tongue til some more powerful institution bids me to speak through their microphone.

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