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I wish I could say that I figured all this out on my own.

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Also, this may have taken place earlier we just haven't been able to determine how much earlier.

The other indicator on Fender copies is the Tokai logo on the headstock.

On my 1959 tweed Champ amplifier, the serial number is located right in front of the fuse cap.

It is stamped into the chrome chassis with a white letter “C” (for Champ) and the serial number, also in white.

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For 1 pair rear ZG fender flare (2PC) 0.00 plus shipping USA .00 dllrs, Worldwide shipping .00 dllrs, Canada $ 37.00 dllrs.

It’s all about breakup, sag, sustain, compression and harmonics in speakers, tubes, transformers and capacitors.

By '85/'86 the headstocks on the Fender copies are not exact replicas of a Fender headstock.

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