Dating women with aids

I joined the Terrence Higgins Trust forum that evening and got a lot of my questions answered by people who really understood.

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In the summer of 2012, Becky had found a new lease of life after splitting with her husband.

She eventually met someone new and, after a few months together, they started having unprotected sex.

You shouldn’t feel alone – there is community out there, ready to support you if or when you need it.

After my diagnosis, I was traumatised by my experience and glad to be on my own – I have always been comfortable by myself.

I decided to be really open about my HIV status as the more it’s out there, the more we can normalise it and improve public awareness.

I want people to know that HIV doesn’t define me as a person; I’m the same woman, just stronger and wiser. There are a number of ways you can get tested - from going to a clinic or a hospital, to self-testing kits sent through the post.

I thought, oh my god, I’ve got to go and get tested.

The doctor suggested I wait a month so I went back in on a Monday to get the test. My first response was, I haven’t got time to be ill!

As it sunk in I felt shocked and upset – I knew there was no cure. She had a typical mother’s reaction – she just felt powerless, saying, ‘I can’t take this away from you, there’s nothing I could do to make it better.’ Friends would say to me, ‘How on earth could you have HIV?

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