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Shorter development times, we can adapt and make changes quickly, obviously we don't have transportation costs, minimum order costs…plus it's something we believe in.

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azdg dating sa - Dating whiting and davis mesh bags

Though the handbag division is now a separate entity based in California, walk us through that history a bit.

In its heyday, Whiting & Davis was selling almost a million bags a year.

Semi-precious stones, highly quality crystals, and high quality cameos have always been a part of the Whiting & Davis fashion collections; they've always been embraced. When the company first started everything was sterling.

The oldest we have is probably this bag [from the late 1800s, early 1900s]; similar to the very first handbag.

While most well known for their goldtone and silvertone mesh, the mesh pieces were also made in a variety of colors, including white, black, red and blue.

The non-mesh jewelry tends to be more tailored or perhaps less "feminine" in that the stones tend to be opaque art glass rather than rhinestone, colors tend to be darker, styles are more heavy looking and are usually larger.Item: SB13-1345 Price: .50 US Description: Whiting and Davis Hematite Cabochon Demi Parure - Another version of the oval hematite cabochon series, this uses a sawtooth bezel setting with a floral and scroll motif.This is a pendant necklace, clip earrings and brooch set. 21" heavy silvertone rolo chain, with a metal hang tag signed Whiting Davis. Earrings are 1 1/4" x 1 1/8", and are signed Whiting & Davis Co. Brooch seems to be identical to the pendant except that it has a pinback, also unsigned. Item: SS13-1346 Price: .50/demi US Description: Whiting and Davis Faux?To what degree are you interested in seeking out vintage pieces? People bought these items, kept them in a safe place; it's something we need to be aware of and continue.When people buy a piece of our jewelry they expect it to last and have the same quality that their grandmother or great grandmother bought and handed down.Attleboro, Providence…this area was the jewelry capital of the world and much of the infrastructure is still here.

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