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A smartphone's constant Internet access, portability and features may tempt users to use it more than they might use a cellphone that does less interesting things.

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Feature phones typically offer limited customization options and may not be able to handle third-party apps.

Smartphones come with some installed programs, or apps, but also allow you to download many others to customize how you use your phone.

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Smartphones have basic phone functions, such as phone calling and SMS messaging, but their mobile operating systems make them more like personal computers than just phones.

It came to him after someone he’d matched with on another app insisted on a call instead of messaging.

He found it an oddly effective way of starting things off since you can tell pretty much right away if you’re interested in learning more about someone or not.

From a business perspective, smartphones can affect your work-life balance -- they make it easy to carry on working even when the business day is done. Constantly looking at a screen and using the phone's buttons or keyboard may, for example, can strain your eyes, lead to headaches and neck pain and cause repetitive strain injuries in your thumbs.

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You can shop and bank online, browse the Internet, take and share better quality photos and access GPS location services.

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