Dating violence victim services

Crisis Intervention Service (CIS) staff are available 24 hours a day to assist people, 18 years and older, with severe personal, family or marital problems.1-888-373-788 Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery and a crime that occurs when a trafficker uses force, fraud or coercion to control another person for the purpose of engaging in commercial sex acts or soliciting labor or services against his/her will.In the vast majority of domestic violence cases, victims are women who suffer more severe abuse such as being slapped, pushed, choked, kicked, bitten, burned, or assaulted with weapons.

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As a result, in the investigation of intimate partner/spousal abuse, police officers must lay charges where there is reasonable evidence that an offence took place.

The victim does not lay the charges, the police do, unlike other assaults not involving intimate partners.

Victims stay in abusive relationships out of fear, financial insecurity or dependence, a lack of support, a hope for change, and the belief that they have no other choice. Call Victim Services at 902.490.5300 to get help or discuss your options.

Many victims feel ashamed of their situation and often hide it for months—or even years—because they have been told it is their fault. Your safety and the safety of your children is the most important issue.

Some victims choose to apply for a Peace Bond to keep the abuser away from them.

However, in many domestic violence cases, an Emergency Protection Order may be more appropriate.

Men who are abusive toward their intimate partners may also be abusive with others, however they are often only choosing to be abusive towards their intimate partner.

Acting abusively is a choice, and abusers need to take responsibility to change their behaviour and get professional help. It is criminal behaviour that abusers use deliberately and purposefully to gain power and control over others.

Call 2-1-1 if you need to be connected to resources within the community to help you manage issues whether you are facing multiple challenges such as single parenthood, or need access to low income services and support (i.e. New Castle County 302-651-4566 Kent County 302-741-2123 Sussex County 302-854-0323 Provides victim service in a child friendly setting in order to expedite the investigation and prosecution of child abuse cases while ensuring the victims receive immediate, effective and sensitive support.

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