Dating vintage gucci purse

Another item that will look great with wide leg jeans is a cropped jacket or blazer.

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The whole outfit is quite feminine and delicate and it is made for late summer days, especially with that nostalgic feeling it has.

Clogs are still some what popular, thanks to last year’s Chanel fashion show.

Just like red, gold and dark denim are a match made in heaven.

For a casual and relaxed look, you can wear thong flat sandals or gladiators.

Ballet flats or oxfords, the choice is yours, because you cannot go wrong with wide leg jeans and flats, especially if you are tall woman.

Wear them with a plain top for casual look, or dress up with a cashmere sweater, collar necklace and a matching handbag.

With a beach tote and small, but precious details in silver, you will get a combination that you can wear both during summer days and nights.

This is an outfit that is as simple as it is elegant, inspired by the timeless navy style.

But some might surprise you, so feel free to comment in the section bellow, after you are finished checking out eight selected outfits. Wear a pair of flair jeans with wedge sandals, a chiffon blouse in your favorite color and accessorize it with a floral printed belt and a headband.

Wear this outfit on a date, for a dinner with friends or while you are sightseeing a romantic city that you’ve never seen before.

It is best to avoid pointy shoes, though in some cases they might work.

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