Dating tips how to attract women

If you're longing to know how to attract men and to be an approachable woman that can turn heads and be visible, let me tell you - YOU CAN!

In just a few seconds with Patty Contenta's flirting techniques for women you can adjust your body language to create an inviting environment that elevates your feminine energy.

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THIS is the advice you want when you’re floored by something a man says or does, and you’re frozen to the spot because you’re afraid of making the wrong move and pushing him away.

THIS is the advice you’ve been missing when the man who is supposed to love you says something heartless, and you don’t know whether to stand up for yourself or let him off the hook.

He was waiting to meet me in the carpark while the team was getting ready. So I worked it-used what I had read and seen of your ideas so far. Turns out he is quite a student of body language, but he still didn't realize I was doing it on purpose.

Cool.” - Sandy“Hi Patty Thanks for your email today.

I have been emailing and talking to a new man, and we had arranged to meet for the first time.

I work for a high profile mens rugby team, and we were flying up to play near the new man so he was going to come to the game.

The team was only there for the day, and of course we had pre-game preparation, the game, then we were to leave, so not much time to meet.

AND of course, I have to wear the sponsor's clothing-oversize, mens shorts, t-shirt, runners, cap etc. Not even sexy underwear to make me feel better, because I have to wear a sports bra for all the running I do around the field.

THIS is the advice for those times when you wonder why it seems so easy for other women to have the love and romance they want.

THIS is the advice I desperately needed someone to whisper in my ear all the times I was confused about relationships.

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