Dating someone who has cancer

After all, not all dates worked out before you had cancer.You’re the best judge of when to tell someone new about your cancer experience.

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Sadly, some relationships that weren’t working very well before cancer may not last under the stress of the difficult times during treatment and recovery.

If you’re single, you may have chosen to focus on getting through cancer treatment, and not on starting a new relationship.

You may choose to tell someone right away to get it out in the open and to see how the person reacts.

With other people you might wait a while so that you know and trust them a bit better before sharing your experience with them.

Just as your priorities in life may have changed during your cancer journey, the same may happen for your family and friends.

What happened to you may make them question things about their own life and future.

You may be frustrated that they don’t understand that it’s important to your recovery to slowly get back to your regular daily routines.

They may be afraid that if you do too much you could become ill again.

Your hair may be growing back, but you still feel tired and weak.

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